General Podiatry

Foot pathologies should always be treated by an experienced professional such as a podiatrist as there is less risk of injury and further complications. Furthermore your podiatrist will be able to provide you with advice regarding long term management of your conditions. Corns and calluses develop where there is excessive undue pressure either through ill-fitting footwear, poor foot posture, bony prominences or friction from repeated physical activity. They present as areas of hardened thickened skin.

Some of the more common conditions

  • Calluses usually develop over greater surface areas whilst corns develop over more localised areas of pressure e.g., hammer toes. Corns do not have a root but develop a central core. Both calluses and corns can be quite painful but easily treatable through mechanical debridement.
  • Plantar Warts are viral in nature and once again do not have a root or cannot be cut out, rather they are treated with appropriate chemicals under the guidance of a professional such as your podiatrist.
  • Routine nail care is also offered for those individuals unable to attend to their footcare either due to age, poor health, diabetes or poor circulation.