Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes affects more than 1.7 million Australians and is now considered the 21st century epidemic within Australia. Foot complications are the second leading cause of death relating to diabetes. Amputations are up 30% in 10 years and account for more lower limb amputations than any other medical condition. Diabetes is not a disorder of the elderly or those who eat lots of sugar. It can be present at birth (Juvenile Diabetes), can occur in middle age and with family history (Type 2) and can even occur during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes). Individuals with family history of diabetes are at higher risk of developing the condition over time. Type 2 diabetes is now becoming an epidemic among our younger generation, partly due to poor food choices. Exercise and diet are important factors when managing diabetes, hence any foot problems should be attended to in order to maintain good quality of life and ongoing physical activity.

The importance of regular visits to your podiatrist will help you to keep your feet healthy and complication free. We offer extensive Diabetes education, assessment and evaluation of your current foot health. Your assessment will entail a series of tests which will assess vascular, neurological, muscular and proprioceptive status. We will then be able to provide you with an individualised management plan based upon our findings.

Diabetes related complications are not reversible, hence if you have diabetes and experience any pins and needles, numbness, constant pain, burning sensation or muscle and joint dysfunction then you should seek professional advice from your podiatrist.

Common diabetic complications

  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • Nephropathy (kidney disease)
  • Retinopathy (eye disease)
  • Vascular Disease (artery/vein disease)
  • Poor healing
  • Ulcers